About Bethlehem Place

Bethlehem Place began more than 25 years ago as a mission of the Prosper United Methodist Church (PUMC). Scott Jones, then pastor for the church, encouraged the congregation to create programs for the betterment of our community. Empty baskets were placed in the church foyer to collect food for those in need.  With the support of Prosper High School, food was stored and distributed from a field house on the football field. 

As word spread the mission quickly grew beyond the congregation of PUMC.  Additional Prosper churches and area residents joined forces to donate time and goods.  The mission grew into a non-denominational, community-driven organization to support the area’s underserved residents.  A shelter was erected on PUMC’s property to serve as its distribution center.  Bethlehem Place, a 501c3 charitable organization, was officially born.  

As Prosper and the neighboring communities have grown, so too has the demand for food.  Bethlehem Place has seen a 25-to-30 percent increase in demand year-over-year. According to the Hunger Center of North Texas, more than 112,000 residents of Collin County lack consistent access to adequate food. 

Today, our network of supporters includes so many.  The residents and businesses of Prosper, our local schools, several retailers, including Costco and Market Street, and other charitable organizations, including the National Charity League (NCL), Prosper Ladies Association (PLA), and Cornerstone.  And PUMC, our founder, still remains an important partner and contributor to our success. 


To lead and engage our community in the fight against hunger so those in need can live healthy, productive lives.


  • Collaboration: To engage our community to work together to support underserved families

  • Stewardship: To uphold public trust through the efficient distribution and use of all donations
  • Service:  To serve our community with excellence and compassion
  • Respect: To appreciate the inherent worth and dignity of every individual
  • Nourishment: To feed the body and soul
  • Education: To enlighten our community and others about the impact of hunger